10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools In 2022

10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools In 2022

In this blog article, we have tried to discuss the 10 best free keyword research tools in India and these are the keywords we prefer on top to use. We hope that these keywords will be helpful for your running or upcoming business. All the keywords discussed below help in search engine optimization and help in visualizing the average cost per click.


#1 Wordtracker and Wordtracker Scout:

You can get a lot of free top keywords in this tool but Wordtracker and Wordtracker Scout are freemium tools. If you are searching keywords for YouTube, eBay, Google, and Amazon then this searching word tracker will be very helpful. After entering a keyword you’ll find up to 50 keywords related to your keyword.

But if you want to download the chrome keyword extension which will help you in finding the keywords for different pages as you browse the internet then in such terms you have to use wordtracker scout. Using this, one can keep an eye on their pages and also on the competitors’ pages.


#2 Answer The Public:

Answer The Public is a free keyword research tool that shows various questions asked by people from across the world on the internet. For using this keyword tool one has to just enter the keyword and the tool will show all the related prepositions, questions, alphabetical keywords, and related keywords, these results will be shown by the tool based on the keyword one enters. This keyword tool is best for those who are running online marketing and business on the internet.


#3 AppTweak Keyword Suggest Tool:

AppTweak Keyword Suggest Tool is a mobile application that suggests the keywords for Mobile. Also if one is creating a mobile phone then also this application can be used for keyword research in the Apple app store and the Google Play store. This application always Suggests keywords with high volume for app stores. One can find a lot of content and ideas related to the particular keyword for their mobile app.


#4 KeywordTool.io

This keyword research tool is a freemium keyword research tool but it provides lots of keyword suggestions for free. It’s a paid tool but by just using the free version one can learn a lot of information from KeywordTool.io. If you enter one keyword in the tool then just by using Google Autocomplete the tool will provide you with the long tail keyword.

You can also search related to Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, and Twitter in this keyword tool. If you are looking for keyword suggestions and then if you go for a search in this keyword tool it will suggest the ranking and top keywords related to the keyword you’re looking for.


#5 Google Trends

If you want to find the trending topic or top keyword by just entering the term then in such conditions Google trends will be the best keyword research tool for you. It’s also considered best for searching related queries and for finding trending and rising searches. The top benefit of this tool is for news websites as they can easily search and find what’s trending worldwide such as top searches and stories. It can be also used for YouTube in terms of searching related queries for your YouTube video.


#6 Google Search Console

This is one of the best tools for those who get traffic, attention, and impression in Google Search Console results. You’ll be able to find the trending and top keywords for your website once you start creating the content which will drastically increase traffic to your website. Also, you can enter the top pages of your website and you can have an idea about which particular keyword is increasing your audience’s attention towards you and then you can work further on such keywords.


#7 Soovle

Soovle is also one of the best free keyword research tools used mostly for long tail keywords. All you have to do is just enter the keyword in the Soovle research tool and you’ll get a lot of suggestions for YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and Bing. This keyword research tool is also best for Youtubers as this suggests the best keywords for youtube channels and Soovle is also used when one requires to extend the length of content.


#8 Keyword Surfer

This extraordinary free keyword research tool is used for showing the search volume done within a month, it suggests the keywords, shows the data running on the top pages, and also gives tips for creating content.

Using this free keyword research tool Keyword one can easily generate an article outline. It’s one of the best free keyword research tools for suggesting keywords. One can use the Google search engine if one is busy with work and wants the keyword surfer to work automatically.


#9 Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere help in providing keyword data when one uses search engines such as YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Amazon, and Bing. This keyword research tool is a type of browser extension which is used for Firefox and Chrome. One can search long tail keywords, and keyword trend data and it also helps in various keyword ideas for different search engines.


#10 Google keyword planner

One can use a Google keyword planner for building Google Ads search campaigns, for researching SEO keywords, and also helps in developing new content ideas. For using the Google keyword planner one must have a Google Ads account and if one wants to keep an eye on all the search volume data then one should also have an active campaign in the Google keyword planner.



All the 10 best free keywords Research Tools discussed below are the ones you need as mostly people use these keywords for profiting their businesses. If you want to find competitive tools then you have to buy a competitive analysis otherwise these 10 best free keyword tools are best for an individual. We hope you found this blog article helpful and informative


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