What is Animation & Types Of Animations – Tech Ishant

What is Animation & Types Of Animation – Tech Ishant

What is Animation : Nowadays many such techniques are used, with the help of which we make our own means of entertainment. Animation movies and cartoons also come from one of them. But do you know what this technique is and how it is used? If not, then let’s know some such things related to animation that we hardly know.


What is Animation :-

Animation is that technique, with the help of which many pictures which are slightly different from each other are run one after the other at a fixed speed continuously, and it looks confusing when moving at this speed. It is that the object present in those pictures means that the object itself is moving. The speed at which these pictures are played is ensured by frame per second, that is, how many pictures will be played per second.

The pictures used in animation were often made by hand such as drawings, artworks, etc. But in today’s time, most of the animation drawings are made with the help of computer and this technique is called “Computer generated imagery” (CGI). Animation is mostly used in making cartoon movies which are also called animation movies.

An object with a moving character is usually shot “on twos”, which means only one image is shown for two frames, a total of 12 pictures per second. 12 frames per second gives permission for speed, but it doesn’t look very clear or can seem a bit blurry. For this reason, in movies, a frame rate of 24 frames per second is used to give things a clear and smooth look. To be shown walking beautifully.


Types of Animation :-

There are many different Types Of Animations, some of which we have given below –


#1: Traditional animation :-

Traditional is the traditional way of animation. This is the oldest form of animation. In this technique, everything was made by hand on transparent paper. Later, to create the illusion of moving objects, they were all moved one after the other, as is done in a flipbook, but on a larger level. Artists used to make these pictures by placing them on a large table, inside which There was a big bright light so that when he placed the pictures on top of each other, then he could see the picture below him clearly and he could make the next pictures accordingly.


#2: 2D Animation :-

This animation technique is also similar to traditional animation. But in this technique vector images are used. Commonly used pictures are in JPG, BMP, GIF, etc., which are called Pixel images. The biggest drawback (defect) in these pictures is that when they are made smaller then their quality deteriorates. But vector graphics have shown all these shortcomings. There is no difference in the quality of the pictures by making it bigger or smaller.

The formulas of mathematics are used in making vector graphics, and these pictures are made by joining many points together. Later, these created pictures are played one after the other at a certain speed so that the illusion of moving things can be prepared.


#3: 3D animation :-

Computer animation or then 3D animation is used the most in today’s time. In 3D animation movies, the animator uses a computer program to play parts of the character’s body. They set their digital frame when all the parts of the character are in the right condition. They do this for each frame, and the computer calculates the speed from each frame, and then a character is shown moving.

Be it the movie “Toy Story” released in the year 1995 or the recent movie “Coco”, only 3D animation has been used in the making of all these. And in today’s time this technique has become a major genre in the world of animation movies.


#4: Motion graphics :-

Motion graphics are those parts of digital graphics that are generally used for advertisements and for the title sequence shown at the beginning of movies. They are generally used to communicate something to the viewer. In multimedia projects, they are generally used by mixing it with sound. This type of animation is mostly used for business, where advertisements are made from them.


#5: Stop motion :-

This technique also uses a traditional style almost like a flipbook, although instead of pictures, physical things are adjusted in each frame of stop motion. Such as objects made of clay or puppet or sometimes humans are also used.

These objects are captured frame by frame so that they can be added one after the other to create the illusion of moving.


Advantages of Animation :-

  • With the help of animation, very good and creative videos can be made, which look much more attractive.
  • Animation is also used in the study field. With its help, students get a lot of help in explaining a subject through teachers.
  • When students watch animated videos related to a subject, then they understand better about a subject.
  • When movies are made using animation, then the experience of the audience becomes very good while watching them.
  • With the help of animation, it also helps a lot in teaching young children something new.
  • With the use of animation, it becomes hrlp to enhance any skill. It helps in practical skill development and better knowledge retention.


Disadvantages of Animation :-

  • It takes a lot of time and hard work to make animation.
  • It takes a lot of hard work to teach Animation well. For this reason it is not even available in many educational institutions.
  • Animation technology requires a lot of storage and memory space. And it also requires high speed internet to run well.


Softwares of animation :-


Conclusion :-

We hope that you liked this article and also got to learn something new like What is Animation. Animation is also considered a very good field to make a career. Just do it well from a good institute or university. Its softwares is also very advanced. If you like our article then definitely share it with your friends and relatives.


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