What Is Artificial Intelligence? Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job?

What Is Artificial Intelligence? Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job?

In today’s time, the trend of artificial intelligence has increased a lot. Everyone wants to go into this sector, but do you know What Is Artificial Intelligence? Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job? You may also have a lot of misconceptions about this thing, that Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job.


In fact, over time, science has made a lot of progress and through artificial intelligence, such machines have been created which have the ability to think and understand. In the coming times, robots looking like us will also be seen on the streets. If you are also interested in knowing about AI, then in this article we will give you all the information related to what AI is. And further it will also be known whether artificial intelligence is a boon or a curse for us.  Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence So let’s know about Artificial Intelligence


What is Artificial Intelligence?

We can also call Artificial Intelligence an upgraded version of Programming Language. In which such programs are made, due to which machines get the ability to think and understand. Using AI, machines are being given brains like humans, due to which they are being able to learn new things by themselves. The Hindi meaning of artificial intelligence is “artificial intelligence”. It means machine mind. Through which now the machine will be able to make decisions on its own.


Who discovered Artificial Intelligence?

The first information about Artificial Intelligence was given by John McCarthy. He had found out about this a long time ago, so those working in the artificial intelligence sector consider him the father of artificial intelligence. He told about Artificial Intelligence in a workshop in 1956. He is also an American scientist in the computer science stream.


Types of artificial intelligence

If we talk about Artificial Intelligence, then there are many types of it. But the main 4 types of them are explained in detail

  • Purely Reactive
  • limited memory
  • brain theory
  • self conscious


Purely Reactive AI

It is kind of reactive. This means that it gives its reaction to any action, as a human brain does. For example, we can take the Deep Blue Chess program, which was created by IBM. And its special thing was that it did not have a memory of its own so that it could not save its old chalo, yet it defeated a big chess player like garry casparov. In fact, this program was designed in such a way that the program understood the chess move of the other and made its move. And this is a direct example of giving your reaction to an action.


 Limited Memory AI

As the name suggests, less memory is used in such programs. A direct example of this is AI based self driving cars. In which data is stored on the basis of its old experience and cars use that data when needed. For example, braking automatically when an object is seen or automatically taking a turn at a turning point. But due to limited memory, it cannot store much data.


Brain Theory AI

In this concept, efforts are on to design the program in such a way that the machines can think and understand like the human mind. This concept is kind of imaginary until it is made. It will work on the arguments on which a human being can make a decision.


Self Conscious AI

This concept can also be called in a way like brain theory. In this concept, such a program will be made so that the machine will be able to understand the feelings like being happy or sad, feeling jealous or loving someone, understand the feelings of another person’s mind and react according to his situation.


Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job?

As it is said about artificial intelligence, AI programs are being designed in such a way that they can work like humans and the machine does not get tired of working. So it may be that due to the advent of artificial intelligence to some extent, our jobs may be in danger. But not completely because no matter how good the program is, it cannot be more powerful than the human mind.


Applications based on Artificial Intelligence

There are Artificial Intelligence based applications in every sector which we are using in our daily life from running our phone to driving a car. Some examples of AI based apps are given below.

  • Computer games
  • Voice recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Natural language processing
  • Expert Systems
  • Machine learning
  • Intelligent Robots


Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used in every sector like in the education sector, children are being taught using AI based tools, robots are doing surgery on people in hospitals. Apart from this, it is also being used in the finance sector, manufacturing, space exploration and daily life.


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • This will make our daily life very comfortable
  • we can do more work in less time with the help ho AI
  • A lot of work will be done on automation.
  • We will not need to design the program again and again.
  • Artificial Intelligence will save our money too


How can we be threatened by artificial intelligence?

With the advent of artificial intelligence, millions of jobs will be lost. Unemployment will increase in the world. In such a situation, other problems in the world will also start increasing. And with artificial intelligence, machines are being made just like humans, so in future, machines may start making decisions on their own and harm humans. If there is artificial intelligence, then a program itself, by manipulating its program, any person can use those machines wrongly, or can also get the wrong work done by taking access to the machine.


Conclusion :-

In this article, it has been told What is Artificial Intelligence and how it works and your doubts have also been cleared about Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job? On the one hand, there are many benefits of artificial intelligence and on the other hand humans are also at risk from it. Still, if you have any doubt related to Artificial Intelligence, then you can ask us.


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