What Is Backlinks & How To Create Backlinks

What Is Backlinks & How To Create Backlinks

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money by blogging. To get your blog ranked in the search engines, it is necessary to do SEO of the blog. And whenever it comes to off page seo, the name of backlinks definitely comes to the fore. Do you know What Is Backlinks ? How to create backlinks? Due to which your articles also start ranking on Google and a lot of traffic starts coming to your blog too.


To get our blog ranked, we have to create backlinks of our blog so that Google can know what our blog is about and Google ranks it in its search engine on some particular keywords.


But for this we have to first understand what is backlinks and how backlinks work, what are its types. Apart from this, what is most important is How To Create Backlinks? If you also learn all this, then you too can easily get your blog ranked on Google’s first page. So know more details about backlinks.


What is Backlinks?

Backlinks means linking one page to another page. This is the factor of off page seo. This builds the authority of your domain. If you get backlinks on your website from other good authority websites, then this increases the authority of your domain. There are 2 types of backlinks, they are described below.


Types of Backlinks

If we talk about the type of backlinks, then it has different types in different sense like nofollow backlinks, dofollow backlinks and internal backlinks, external backlinks know about it in detail.


1. No Follow Backlinks

No follow backlinks are those backlinks from which you do not get link juice, whenever Google bot crawls a website and there is a link to any page of your website with no follow tag, then the bot does not visit that link but Visitors can come to your site by clicking on that link. The advantage of this is that even if you do not take backlinks from the related website, it does not increase the spam score of your site in Google’s algorithm and traffic comes to your site.


2. Do Follow Backlinks

Two follow backlinks means that whenever Google crawls a web page and your site has two follow links on that page, then Google will crawl your page by visiting that link, so that Google will know that your web Your page will be shown what the page is about and when your visitors search on those particular keywords. This will give link juice to your site and build the authority of your site.


3. Internal Backlinks

Internal backlinks mean linking from one page to another in your site itself. Like linking all other pages from the home page. Or linking one article to another. The advantage of this is that the authority of one of your pages will be more and if you link the other page to it, the other page will also get link juice. And when one page is ranked on Google, Google bot will crawl your other page as well.


4. External Backlinks

External backlinks means getting a link to your website from another website. This increases the authority of your domain, because if you take backlinks from other high authority sites, then its link juice will come to your site. And the site to which so many high authority sites are giving links, Google considers that site to be a good site and pushes it forward in its search engine.


How to create backlinks easily

If you also want to increase the authority of your website by creating backlinks for your site, then there are many ways to create backlinks. So let’s know about these ways to Create Backlinks.


1. By Commenting

The easiest way is to create backlinks by commenting, for this you have to search the website related to your category and comment by entering your links in their comment section. This will give you both nofollow and dofollow backlinks.


2. By Guest Posting

You can also create backlinks by guest posting on any other site. Meaning writing an article on another site and putting a link to your website in that article.


3. Profile Backlinks

There are many high authority web sites where there is an option of profile creation. There you also get the option to enter your link. So you can also create backlinks by creating a profile.


4. Online Directory Submission

There are many such directory submission websites that publish website links on their sites according to different categories. On those sites, you can create backlinks of your website according to your category.


5. PDF Submission Website

There are many such websites on the Internet that show the content in the form of PDF. On those sites, you can create backlinks by submitting a PDF, for this you have to put your link in the content of the PDF, These are dofollow backlinks.


6. Social Media Backlinks

You can also create backlinks from social media by sharing links to your blog or articles on social media. These backlinks are nofollow links but from here you get more traffic.


7. Backlinks from Q&A Websites

There are many Q&A websites on the Internet, where you can answer questions related to your category and put a link to any of your articles in that answer. This will give you nofollow backlinks but the targeted audience will come to your blog.


8. Image Submission Website

There are many such websites where you get the option to submit the image and with that image you can also put the link of your website. That’s why you can also create backlinks by submitting images.


9. Paid Backlinks

This method of making backlinks is not free. For this, you create backlinks on your site by paying money to others. For this, you can directly talk to the owner of any website or there are many such sites which Create backlinks for you in less money.


Conclusion :-

So now you must have understood What Is Backlinks & How To Create Backlinks. If you will work in these ways, then you can also build good authority by creating lots of backlinks for your domain.


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