What Is Jio Air Fiber? How Jio Air Fiber Works – All About Jio Air Fiber, 5G Speed, Wireless Hotspot Device

What Is Jio Air Fiber? How Jio Air Fiber Works – All About Jio Air Fiber, 5G Speed, Wireless Hotspot Device

Jio has made its network all over India, so the competition is increasing in the matter of internet. Therefore, in its 45th meeting, the Reliance Limited Company has announced the launch of Jio AirFiber. In such a situation, it is not known whether it will be able to compete with other companies, but in this article we will know about What is Jio Air Fiber coming with 5g speed and how it works.


With the speed with which India is becoming digital, nowadays everyone is hooked to the Internet. In such a situation, due to slow internet speed, the experience of surfing the internet gets spoiled. The journey from 2g to 4g has been very good, but now people find the speed of 4g too low, so Reliance Jio is launching Jio Airfiber which will give us 5g speed.


Jio AirFiber is completely different from Jio Fiber. In this, you will get a better speed than the Jio Fiber and it will be useful not only for home but also for big offices, hotels and restaurants. And Jio Fiber used to do 4G network, in this you will get the facility of 5G network.


When the Jio Fiber was launched, it had made a good place in the market. Let’s see what changes happened in the market after the launch of Jio AirFiber and how beneficial it proves to us. And it may be like Reliance gave free internet service for few months when Jio SIM was launched, similarly Reliance would give free internet service for a few months even after the Jio Air Fiber was launched.


So in this article, we know What is Jio Air Fiber and how it works, along with its plans and installation.


What is Jio Air Fiber?

Talking about the Jio Air Fiber, it is a broadband device. Reliance Jio will provide 5G speed internet service like other internet service providers. This Jio AirFiber will be a wireless broadband device, which will not require a wire to connect, just electricity will be required. After connecting it to the electricity switch board, it will work as a wireless hotspot. With this you can connect any device with the help of wifi. This Wireless Jio Air Fiber Broadband Device Will Give You 5G Speed.


How does Jio Air Fiber work?

It is a wireless device so no wire is required to connect it. You can keep it in any corner of the house or office. It has an antenna, with the help of which this Jio Air Fiber connects to the Reliance Jio tower located nearby. But gives much faster speed than cellular devices. In this you will get very fast speed and latency will also be less. Because of which your Internet Exploring Experience will be good.


How to get a new jio air fiber connection?

Jio Air Fiber has not been launched in the market yet, but as soon as it is launched in the market, the process of getting its connection will be the same as it used to take Jio Fiber. This means that you can take a new connection of Jio Air Fiber from Jio’s official website or from any nearby Jio store.


What is the cost of Jio Air Fiber?

As Jio Air Fiber has not been launched in the market, so its price has not been disclosed by Reliance yet. But it can be estimated that its price can also be around 2500 to 3000. And maybe Reliance will also give a discount offer along with it.


Jio Air Fiber Plans:

Jio Air Fiber has not been launched yet but Reliance always keeps cheap plans as compared to other companies, so it may be that Jio Air Fiber plans will also be cheap. Like Jio Fiber, Jio Air Fiber plans may also cost 399+gst for 30mbps, 699+gst for 100mbps and 999+gst for 150mbps.


What is difference between Jio Air Fiber and Jio Fiber?

In Jio Fiber you used to get 4G internet speed but in this you will get 5G internet speed. Apart from this, there will also be a difference in latency. Jio Fiber is the service providing internet in the home but Jio Air Fiber has the ability to provide many home and office.


What is JioCloud PC?

JioCloud PC is a virtual pc setup in which all you need to do is add a display mouse and keyboard. This pc is made by Reliance as an updated version of the normal pc. People buy a normal pc and then over time, when new products arrive, they get their hardware changed which costs more, so Reliance has thought of launching JioCloud PC. This pc will work on cloud storage. And all your data will be saved on cloud storage. In this, you will get only one device which will be like a router, which will have HDMI, 4 USB ports, 1 Lan port and 3.5mm port.


Advantages of Jio Air Fiber:

  • You are going to get many benefits of Jio Air Fiber, some of them are as follows –
  • Jio Air Fiber will give you 5G internet speed.
  • It will be a wireless broadband device and will be quite portable.
  • Being wireless, you can put it in any corner.
  • Its plans will be cheaper than other internet service providers.
  • May be, Reliance provides internet service as well as other offers.
  • Compared to jio fiber, jio air fiber will have less latency.


Conclusion :-

In this article you have been told What is Jio Air Fiber? And how jio air fiber works. Apart from this, What is jio cloud pc and benefits of jio air fiber. This information is before the launch of Jio Air Fiber, later changes will be made in this information as per the need. Maybe Jio Air Fiber will bring some changes in the internet world and also provide you cheap internet. And if you want any other information related to Jio Air Fiber then you can ask through comment section.


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