What Is Software & Types Of Software – Tech Ishant

What Is Software & Types Of Software – Tech Ishant

In this article you will get all the information related to software like, What is software. We will give you information about the software in simple words so that you can understand it easily. Actually, a computer cannot do its work alone. Computers need some assistive devices and programs to do their job. These are the devices and programs that make a computer workable. Some special work is possible with the help of these softwares.


In today’s time, more than half of the things depend on software. A computer is of no use without software. What is software, how to make software and How Software Works. Because if you also look for a job, you will get maximum opportunity in the sector.


So read this article till the end for complete information about the software. In this we have given detailed information related to the software.


What is Software :-

Software is that group of instructions and programs that give instructions to the computer to complete a particular task. It gives the ability to users to work on the pc. We are able to interact with the computer only with the help of software.

Software cannot be seen with eyes. Nor can it be touched. Software does not have any physical existence. Without software, a computer would be called a box just like iron and other metals. Think, if your computer does not have a browser program, then you cannot even read this article.

So you can imagine how important the existence of software is. MS Office, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Picasa etc are all different software, which enable you to do different work on the computer.


Types of Software :-

Computers are used for many tasks. And all these types of work could not be completed with the help of just one software. Because of this, different software are made according to the need of the work. There are 2 types of software main.

  • System Software
  • Application Software


System Software :-

System software is the software that manages and controls the hardware and allows the activity between the hardware and the software. There are some types of system software which are given below.


Operating System :-

Operating System is a computer program that operates other different computer programs. Operating system works as a mediator between the user and the machine. It explains our instructions to the computer, then our computer works according to the instructions given by us.


Some operating systems :-

  • Windows OS
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android


Utility Programs :-

Utilities are also known as service programs. It does the work of management and security of computer resources. But, they do not involve directly with the hardware. For example, there is Disk Defragmenter, Anti Virus program etc utility program.


Device Drivers :-

A driver is a unique program that helps to connect input and output devices to a computer so that it can communicate with the computer. Like Motherboard Drivers, Audio Drivers, Graphic Drivers, etc.


Application Software :-

Application software is called end user software, because it is directly related to the user. They are also called ‘Apps’. Application software give users the independence to do a particular job. There are many types of them.


Basic Application :-

Basic Applications are also called General Purpose Software. These are normal using softwares. We use them for daily work. Any computer user must have the access of Basic Application for work on the computer. Below we have given the names of some General Purpose Software.

  • Word Processing Programs
  • Multimedia Programs
  • DTP Programs
  • Spreadsheet Programs
  • Presentation Programs
  • Graphics Application
  • Web Design Application


Specialized Application :-

Specialized Application is called Special Purpose Software. These softwares are made for a specific purpose. They are also used to do any special work. Below are the names of some softwares.

  • Accounting Software
  • Billing Software
  • Report Card Generator
  • Reservation System
  • Payroll Management System


How to make software :-

Creating computer software is considered a difficult task. For software, you must have good knowledge of programming languages. Only then you can become a software developer.

Dozens of programming languages ​​have been developed to make software. With the help of which we can create software for different needs.

To create software, you need to learn basic programming languages ​​like Java, C, C++ etc. Java, C and C++ are computer coding languages.


Softwares their names, their functions and their types :-

1)Name of software : AVG, McAfee, Norton

Software Job : Computer Security

Software Type : Antivirus program


2) Name of software : VLC, Windows Music Player

Software job: voice listening

Software Type : Sound Programs


3) Name of software : Computer Drivers

Software Job : Hardware Communication

Software Type : Utility


4) Name of software : Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird

Software job : Email (email)

Software Type : Communication


5) Name of software : Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Software Job : Internet Browsing

Software Type : Web Browser


6)Name of software : Paint, Photoshop

Software Job : Graphic Handling

Software Type : Graphic Software


7) Name of software : Word, Notepad, WordPad

Software work: Creating various documents

Software Type : word editor


8) Name of software : MS Excel

Software Job: Creating Spreadsheets

Software Type : Spreadsheet Programs


9) Name of software : Presentation

Software work: Presentation, making slides

Software Type : Presentation Program


Conclusion :-

So in this article we learned What is software and Types Of Software. You can also create new software by learning these coding languages ​​and move ahead in your career. With the help of software, we can do our work very easily. Due to the advancement of technology, today we are able to make impossible tasks possible.

Not only this, software is being made even better by using AI in today’s time. And in the coming time, most of the things will depend on these softwares. This article will help you to understand the information related to the software. Share this as much as possible. And if you want any information related to software or applications, then you can ask through the comment section.


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